4q 1It gives me a great deal of delight to introduce 4Q:

A true permission based on-exit survey that provides an easy to deploy, easy to use and easier still to analyze framework to answer 4 questions that no website owner can live without.

It is the antidote for the most pressing of web analytics challenges: the yearning and struggle to understanding the "Why".

And its free!

And you can have it today!!

No strings attached!!!

Have web analytics data? Made good progress already? Want to light a rocket fuel powered ability to take analytics to the next level?

4Q is for you. Check out the rad video below!

Ready to sign up? Check out:

For the rest of us, let's take a step back.

If you have read my book or my blog you are quite aware of the What and the Why issue. All the quantitative data you and I have from our web analytics tools is really good at helping us understanding the What happened.

Visits and Visitors, pages viewed, referrers, keywords, bounces, paths (!), campaigns, and so on and so forth. All critical data that helps you step up your game – improve your campaigns, fix pages, fire someone.

It cannot, no matter how much you torture the data, tell you Why something happened.

Why do these visitors see sixteen pages on our site? Is it because they are "engaged"? Or is it because we have the worst navigation in the universe on our site? Why is it that we only have one percent conversion rate? Why does only 20% of the site traffic looking at our product pages? Why this and why that and why if and why no and why why . . . .


Typically the response is: "I think this is happening…" or "When I was the ruler of the world this is why people did this. . . . " or "Snort, snort, snort, snorty, snort (that's the HiPPO speaking!! :)".

We overlay our own opinions and experiences and preferences.

Unfortunately we are not our customers. In fact being as close to our companies as we are, it is quite likely that we are the worst possible people to empathize with our customers.

So why not ask them? You know, the customers? Sounds radical. But the web can help.

One of the more scalable methods of listening is surveys, and the greatest survey in the world only has three questions!

  1. What is the purpose of your visit to our website today?
  2. Were you able to complete your task today?
  3. If you were not able to complete your task today, why not?

Primary Purpose. Task Completion Rate. Segments of Discontent .

The wonderful people at iPerceptions have created 4Q as a free service to allow you and I and everyone else to be able to have the perfect survey in the world on our site.

They have kindly added one more question to the mix that will help measure customer satisfaction!


4q iperceptions

It is such a thrill for me to be able to be on their Board of Advisers and help them with this excellent effort. I am so proud of Akop and his team for the nights and nights of work that they have put in. Jon and Jerry were sweet for buying into my faith based initiative!

No launch would be complete without a YouTube video. :) I have created one for 4Q. But the YouTube dumbs down the resolution, which upsets me a great deal.

So I re-recorded the entire thing for all of you! And since I was redoing it any way I added more context, a few more slides and try to explain things more clearly. So below is a better version of my YouTube 4Q video , hope you'll find value in it.

[Oh and I do apologize at the start for my extra sexy deep close to Barry White romantic voice. I have had a terrible cold for a couple weeks - I am missing approximately 40 hours of sleep. These days I am juiced up on Red Bull, Zone bars and, yes, passion!!]

Here's why you need a simple survey, how you can sign up, implement it and analyze the data to find key insights. . . .

Here's some eye candy. . . .

The survey invitation: Remember 4Q is a true permission based onexit survey, visitors to your website are not going to be interrupted in the middle of the shopping cart or in the decision making process.

market motive iperceptions survey invite

Customer satisfaction report: You can have this aggregated or segmented by months or weeks.

customer satisfaction rating iperceptions 1

Task completion rate: My all time favorite #1 Web Analytics Metric (booo conversion rate!).

task completion rate iperceptions


Customer satisfaction segmented by primary purpose: A segmentation junkie like me would never let any opportunity go by without providing a segmented report!

customer satisfaction segmented by primary purpose iperceptions

Open text VOC: Sources of visitor discontent can be identified by clicking on the links for each segment you are interested in below.

segments of discontent iperceptions

Awesome ain't it?

It is a lot of fun too!! You are going to love hearing from your customers (even if they yell at you – remember they are trying to help and that is just how they show their love!).

4Q is available to you without any strings.

  • The survey is 100% free, regardless of how big you are or how small you are or how round you are.

  • You have the control of when to turn it on, when to turn it off etc.

  • You have control over the rate at which the survey is shown, it is easy for you to adjust it in the tool. Your choice.

  • Your data is yours, there is a very strict privacy policy that governs the storage and access of the data collected. Please check out the policy.

  • We are not going to bug you. Period.

Here's the url again: http://4q.iperceptions.com

Surveys are a lot more powerful and can yield much deeper insights about the customer experiences on your website. Deployed right they can be a critical source of learning for your decision makers.

4Q will not make your breakfast in the morning, but my hope is that it takes cost off the table when it comes to trying surveys and provides you with answers to the foundational questions. So no breakfast in the morning, just a kiss on the cheek when you wake up to get you going for what you need to get done. :)

I very much welcome your feedback and concerns, about anything and everything.

[UPDATE: The user forum for 4Q is at: http://iperceptions4q.com/forum/. It is the most optimal way for you to get support, ask other questions, make suggestions and generally have a ball with the community. Please check it out.]

Closing (Unrelated) Thought:

In almost 12 months of being an independent consultant I have done a lot of things that have been new experiences for me and a ton of fun. But without a shred of doubt the biggest thrill for me has been helping launch new stuff.

Tools and features that, I humbly, believe further the cause of measurement and understanding of data. In their small tiny tiny way they solve important problems and ease a little bit of the burden out there.

Be it all the work with Analytics focusing on core website measurement. Or Joost de Valk's small but significant effort in creating the excellent Blog Metrics wordpress plugin to bring new success metrics to measure social media. And now this humble effort creating 4Q, our attempt to mainstream qualitative measurement.

I cannot believe how incredibly lucky I am to get the chance to have a small hand in these three great web tools, being able to be in there, get dirty and help. So much more fun than sitting on the sidelines and pontificating. Let me take this chance to thank my brilliant partners for their kindness to me (and because I am hopped up on pills: hugs for all you gals and guys when I see you next!).

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