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Contest Winners: We Are All Made Of Stars.

I love that song (am a Moby fan) and it was the first thing that came to my mind as I went through all the comments for our fun contest last week to pick the best web analytics report to take on a desert island, where you are stranded with Brad Pitt (or Angelina Jolie!).

The song goes: People they come together, No one can stop us now, 'Cause we are all made of stars.

So true! We, web analysts, are all made of stars!! That's what you made me believe. :)

I was that impressed with the quality of the comments and suggestions, they came from all over the world (I saw Germany, India, Spain and others) and they came from every tool (WebTrends, Omniture, CoreMetrics, ClickTracks, Google Analytics).

Thank you.

It is rare for me write a "non-teaching" post, but I simply could not resist. We deserve to celebrate your hard work!

There were so many great comments and though I had promised one prize, I am going to pick a few winners (that's what happens when you have such great quality).

The Absolute Grand Prize Winner:

(drum roll….)

golden nest eggEmily Fazio!!

Her report was "sources by state, compared to last month".

Three things stood out for me.

    1) The extreme clarity and focus on what she was solving for (and keeping it local)

    2) picking the compare to last month option (shamefully even I did not remember to choose this important option and I wish I had!) and

    3) focusing on goals

And as she so bravely pointed out herself (!!) in a follow up comment: "Footnote! What is important to my report, is that I had a specific question in mind and tailored my report to get the best actionable data." Gotta love that!

Well played Emily. You get a signed copy of Web Analytics: An Hour A Day (and since I am awarding more than one prize, you also get a t-shirt and a couple other things I'll try to snag!).

The "Oh I Also Loved That One" Prize Winners:

(in random order….)


Peter Pletsch (from Germany)

Pere Rovia (from Spain)

    His report was: "Segmented Site Overlay report".

    medal three Pere's comment was the most thoughtful analysis of why he picked his report, for picking a report I absolutely love (site overlay), for considering the communication angle and (!) for not forgetting the segmentation angle which is quite valuable.

    Now the truth is that Pere is one of the top analysts in the world so this is not surprising. :)

Finally. . . .


    medal fourHis report was: "Google Analytics Campaigns by Goal report"

    Pearce gets a prize not for his report, though it was a good one :), but rather for worrying about survival and wanting a report that would providing maximum value for starting fires to stay warm on a desert island! Context baby, context!

Each "Oh I Also Loved That One" prize winner gets a signed copy of Web Analytics: An Hour A Day. Congratulations.

From the bottom of my heart I would like to thank everyone for playing along and making it so much fun for me. It was hard for me to pick winners.

I hope you all got a little wiser, I did.

Won't you please join me in congratulating Emily, Phil, Pere and Peter and Pearce?

Also who was your favorite? Would you have picked a different winner/'s? Please share your thoughts.

Oh before we go, want to play more? This time for serious props? Check out The Web Analytics Championship that being run on behalf of the WAA by my good friend Daniel Waisberg. Play and win big!

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