September 2007

27 Sep 2007 12:55 am

contrast Shortest post in the history of the blog.

Two quick thoughts.

I am a MBA (Go Buckeyes!) and cherish the learnings I got from my experience. Hence it is a tremendous pleasure to get the opportunity to teach at Universities. I have done University of Utah, I have a couple chances at Stanford University in the next two weeks.

But I am most excited about the chance to speak and teach at the University of Virginia's Darden School of Business (Oct 21 – 24).

The Online Marketing Update @ Darden is going to help Managers, Senior Executives and MBA's (and you?) a chance to understand web marketing from a strategic perspective from some of the best minds.

Check out the program, even better check out the course faculty!

My new little baby is live now, check out: Can you feel the "papa pride"? :) Please wish our little venture good luck.

Here again check out the assembled faculty: Todd Malicoat, John Marshall, Greg Jarboe, Jamie O'Donnell, Michael Stebbins, Alan Rimm-Kaufman, and Matt Bailey.

They all meet two criteria:

# 1: They are thought leaders in their space and simply the best (notice me praising my co-founders!! :).

# 2: They are all super nice people (life is short, it is good to work with nice people!).

Thanks for listening, I really appreciate your time.

25 Sep 2007 12:33 am

gandhi satyagrahaSatyagraha is a philosophy and practice of nonviolent resistance developed by Mahatma Gandhi.

Satya is the Sanskrit word for "truth," and graha can be rendered as "effort/endeavor."

I grew up in a very young free India with stories of our own struggle against occupation and oppression. They left a deep and indelible mark on me.

Reading about the brave Burmese Monks brings deep emotions and a even deeper sense of empathy of their cause.

There are lots of way to do struggle wrong, I bow my head to the Monks and I pray for their safety.

The pictures tell the story…….

burmese satyagraha 01

burmese satyagraha 02

burmese satyagraha 03

burmese satyagraha 04

Please consider doing your part for the cause of the Burmese people:

justice aung san suu kyi

We can all make a difference. Thank you.

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