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Simple, fast, and powerful. Optimizely is a dramatically easier way for you to improve your website through A/B testing. Create an experiment in minutes with our easy-to-use visual interface with absolutely no coding or engineering required. Convert your website visitors into customers and earn more revenue today!

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What is A/B Testing?
What is A/B Testing?

As a web marketer, A/B testing is one of the most powerful tools you can use to increase revenue and conversions on your site. It's also one of the most effective ways to understand how your marketing messages impact your visitors' behavior.

How does it work? A/B testing involves testing several different versions of a web page on live traffic and then measuring the effect each version has on your conversion rates.

How it Works
How Optimizely Works
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  2. Copy & paste your one-line Optimizely snippet onto the pages you want to test or measure as goals.
  3. Start your experiment and learn which variation performed best!
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Customer Success Stories

  • "Using Optimizely, we are able to simply and immediately demonstrate the uplift in conversion that our customers can achieve from our Privacy Certification and Trustmark programs. It's an invaluable tool in our sales process and, best of all, it's very easy to use. We don't need a java or html techy to set up a test, even I'm able to do it."
    James Arra, VP Sales at TRUSTe
  • "Optimizely makes A/B testing so easy that our business users are up and running experiments on IGN within a week with minimal support from engineering. I love the thought and care that went into the product design to make it so intuitive to use."
    David Ting, VP of Engineering at IGN Entertainment
  • "Optimizely has made it easy to test different registration flows on our pages. I love the fine-grained control we have over our tests and the fact that we don't need to edit our site code to make changes."
    John Kreisa, VP Marketing at Cloudera
  • "Optimizely is great. It lets you test your ideas as fast as you can think them up."
    Britt Crawford, Senior Manager, Product Development at Cafe Press
  • "The most intuitive and usable testing framework I've ever seen. The bottleneck for reaching great product insights is no longer the pace of engineering, but how fast we can come up with ideas to try."
    Chris Chan, Director of Product at Causes
  • "Optimizely gives Kiva's marketing a solid boost every day; being able to edit landing pages on the fly while constantly testing the results is critical to running a nimble marketing organization."
    Buckley White, Director of Marketing at Kiva
  • "Optimizely makes A/B testing accessible to those with little to no technical knowledge. I recommend them to everyone who is in the market for a smart testing solution."
    Daniel Weinand, Chief Design Officer at Shopify
  • "Optimizely is a great tool. It helps us quickly test out changes and get results without the traditional overhead."
    Sam Lessin, Founder of drop.io
  • "The Optimizely tool is very easy to work with and makes web-based page testing a snap. We like how the program is self-contained and not having the extra code on our webservers for creating and running experiments. Optimizely also uses the same url of the page being tested, so we don't have to create a separate page like other testing programs. All-in-all Optmizely is an excellent tool for web page experiments!"
    Kevin Stecko, Founder of 80sTees.com
  • "I really love it - Optimizely is making life so much easier for my customers to test their ideas. What I love most is how quickly and easily they can create new page variations without my input. They don't need technical skills or know-how: they simply log in and 30 seconds later they have a new test - incredibly simple and effective."
    Alastair McDermott, Technical Director at The Website Doctor
  • "Optimizely made A/B testing on Breadpig so ludicrously easy, I had no choice but to have my world rocked by it!"
    Alexis Ohanian, Founder of Breadpig and Reddit
  • "Not using Optimizely is leaving money on the table."
    Jason Rosenbaum, Director of Online Communications of Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee
  • "Best A/B testing software I have ever used, blows Google Website Optimizer right out the window."
    Simon Gelfand, Co-Founder of Bukisa
  • "We have seen our job board sign up rate increase significantly with the help of Optimizely. Super simple to use, even for none tech people like myself! Thanks Optimizely!"
    Chris Bracken, CEO of CallMeJobs.com
  • "Omniture Test & Target was ghastly. Had to beg to get any split test done and had no clear view of what was the winning version. What Optimizely does is set the marketing or CRO man free from any internal resources. Even if (like me), they aren't designers, or coders but just do marketing. That's Optimizely's real value proposition - autonomy."
    Nicholas Black, CEO of iLeviathan
  • "Optimizely makes A/B testing super easy and fun!"
    Thomas Steinacher of oyoLive
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Implementing Optimizely

Copy this code and paste it immediately after your opening <head> tag:

Because you are using the Shopify App, the Optimizely embed code is already added to your shop automatically!

If you want to run Optimizely on a page NOT hosted by Shopify, copy & paste this code snippet to the top of the <head>:

<script src="//cdn.optimizely.com/js/.js"></script>

Include this snippet on every page you want to run experiments on and track as a goal. This snippet will not change. Note the //cdn prefix is NOT a typo.

If you decide to create additional projects, a new snippet will be generated for each new project. For more information, see Managing Multiple Pages - Using Optimizely Projects.

To add new projects, go to My Experiments.

Each project has a unique Project Code snippet that must be included on every page running experiments or being tracked as a goal.

Your account has more than one project, so be sure to add the correct snippet. To view your projects and project codes, go to My Experiments.

Hover over < Project Code > to get your snippet: