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Cuomo Urges Broad Limits to N.Y. Public Pensions

Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo said that among other changes, New York State and City should raise the retirement age for new public employees to 65.

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Pick for Afghan Envoy Says U.S. Can’t Afford to Abandon Effort

Ryan C. Crocker, President Obama’s choice for envoy to Afghanistan, said the United States could not afford to walk away despite the cost and spotty progress.

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Banks Defeated in Senate Vote Over Debit Card Fees

The Senate rejected a delay on regulations over debit card fees, essentially leaving it to the Federal Reserve to limit the fees that stores pay banks.

For UBS, Wall St. Did Not Extend to the Suburbs

The bank is having buyer’s remorse, finding that its move from Manhattan is a recruiting liability.

Theresa Mendoza, a fire public information officer, in front of smoke from the Wallow fire in Springerville, Ariz.
Pool photo by Marcio Jose Sanchez

Firefighters Struggle With Arizona Wildfire

A massive fire continued its surge and sent burning embers miles downwind, igniting dozens of smaller fires.

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Syrian refugees cross into Turkey; Saudi Arabia’s rulers use money to buy stability; and more.
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Iran Plans High Level of Uranium Enrichment

Iran declared that it aims to triple production of nuclear fuel this year and increase enrichment to 20 percent.

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Club Mixes Old, New and Blue

Nublu is a place where you can find Brazilian hillbilly music and Puerto Rican boogaloo under the same roof as acid jazz.

City Room
Anthony Weiner’s Wife Is Pregnant

The wife of Representative Anthony D. Weiner is in the early stages of pregnancy as scandal engulfs her husband.

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With Smartphone Games, Downtime Becomes a Pastime

Nearly everyone takes a phone with them, and almost all of those phones can run some decent games.

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Why a Retailer Can’t Get a Loan

Why Can’t This Business Get a Loan?

The owner of Kopp’s Cycle responds to suggestions that his inability to get a loan is indicative of larger problems with his business.


Tech Audit: A Virtual Winery’s I.T. Challenges

The second post in a series on how business owners are succeeding and struggling with technology needs.

Living In | Ozone Park, Queens
Colonials, Tudors and, Soon, a Casino
Colonials, Tudors and, Soon, a Casino

New York City’s first casino is being built at the Aqueduct race track, which straddles Ozone Park and South Ozone Park. It is not clear what its presence will mean for the neighborhood.

Auto Ego
A Family’s Fellow Traveler, From the Tropics to the Tundra
A Family’s Fellow Traveler, From the Tropics to the Tundra

A Brooklyn man still has, and treasures, the 1962 MGB that his parents took on a memorable trip from Puerto Rico to Alaska.

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Corner Office: Bing Gordon
Power? Thanks, but I’d Rather Have Influence

Power? Thanks, but I’d Rather Have Influence

Bing Gordon, a partner at the venture capital firm Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers, says, “I’m kind of teacher-consultant more than wielder of power.”

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