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Classified (Closed) Meeting

Full Commission
February 3, 2011


1333 Isaac Hull Avenue, SE.
Washington, DC 20376

This meeting took place to provide some commission members with classified information relevant to safety and security measures for transportation and storage of nuclear waste.


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Federal Register Notice

Closed Meeting Notice

Posted on January 26, 2011




E-mail from Barbara A Oneal

Barbara A Oneal, Erwin, TN

Letter by Trudy Wallack, Barbara O'Neal, and Buzz Davies, representing ECAN, Inc.

Barbara A Oneal, Erwin, TN

Excerpts from the 2010 Safety Culture Board of Advisors (SCUBA) 331 page report of Nuclear Fuel Services, Inc

Barbara A Oneal, Erwin, TN

Nuclear Fuel Services, Inc. NRC Enforcement Actions 1991-2010

Barbara A Oneal, Erwin, TN

Subject-Specific Timelines (NFS) Table of Contents

Barbara A Oneal, Erwin, TN