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Re: RE: Co-Mingled and Defense-Only Repositories ( burn in heavy water reactor)

A fleet of heavy water reactors would not be considered "disposal" I advocate running all defense transuranics and other fissionable waste through heavy water reactors as this would add to the kilowatt hour fee to the spent fuel trust fund.
questions to ask,
(A) can spent MOX spend time in a heavy water reactor?
(B) can DUPIC mix PWR/BWR waste with defense waste?can a heavy water reactor have separate fuel rods some with DUPIC processed defense waste and some with spent fuel ( A blanket with natural uranium)
(C)If all spent fuel and defense waste spent time in a heavy water reactor how much electrical power would this be? and How much would this add to the spent fuel trust fund?
(D)how many heavy water reactors would it take to consume all of defense waste?

Demonstration project
build a commercial heavy water nuclear plant at Hanford Washington, move the orphaned spent fuel from Rancho Seco and Trojan to this site**. DUPIC process defense and spent fuel.sell power!experiment with heavy water spent fuel on this site with dissolving in Florine and mixing with salt for storage, later build a demonstration molten salt reactor adjacent to the heavy water reactor

** moving the Rancho Seco and Trojan spent fuel is a demonstration of taking legal possession of the spent fuel and transporting it, and de facto regional interim storage at Hanford while it awaits increased burn up rates in the heavy water reactor.This first heavy water reactor should be owned by the federal power corporation (TVA?)
thank you,
Steven Torry Rappolee

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