Commission on Wartime Contracting

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Commission Hearings

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DateNamePanel members
6-6-2011 DoS Contracting: CWC's 2nd Interim Report, the QDDR and Iraq Transition Amb Patrick F. Kennedy
4-25-2011 Implementing improvements to Defense wartime contracting Jacques Gansler, Ph.D.
Paul Francis (GAO)
Stuart Bowen (SIGIR)
Daniel Blair (DoDIG)
Herbert Richardson (SIGAR)
4-11-2011 NGOs' lessons for contingencies Matthew McGarry (Catholic Relief Services)
Anne C. Richard (International Rescue Committee)
Michael Bowers (Mercy Corps)
Michael Klosson (Save the Children)
4-1-2011 USAID plans for improved contracting performance Rajiv Shah (USAID)
3-28-2011 Better Buying Power in Defense Spending Ashton B. Carter (DoD)
2-28-2011 Ensuring contractor accountability: Past performance and suspensions and debarments Rear Admiral Robert J. Gilbeau, U.S. Navy(DCMA-I)
Michael Carroll (USAID)
Captain Timothy Harrington (Navy)
Scott Amey (POGO)
Dan Gordon (OFPP)
Richard T. Ginman(DoD)
Corey Rindner (DoS)
Maureen Shauket (USAID)
Dan Blalock (Interagency Suspension and Debarment Committee)
Uldric L. Fiore (U.S. Army)
2-14-2011 Recurring problems in Afghan construction, part 2 William Van Dyke (Black & Veatch)
Mr. Bruce McCarron (UNOPS)
Mr. Michael E. McKelvy (CH2M Hill)
Charles Mouzannar (AMEC Earth & Environmental)
1-24-2011 Recurring problems in Afghan construction Major General (Ret) Arnold Fields (SIGAR)
Major General Jeffrey J. Dorko (Army Corps of Engineers)
Mr. William J. McGlynn Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary (DoS)
Colonel Wilfred T. Cassidy (USAF)
Mr. J. Alexander Thier (USAID)
9-16-2010 The Contingency Acquisition Workforce: What is needed and how do we get there? Jacques S. Gansler ("Gansler Report" of 2007)
Charles D. Grimes III (OPM)
Daniel I. Gordon (OFPP)
Kathy Ott (DoD)
James McMichael (DAU)
Charlie E. Williams, Jr. (DCMA)
Patrick J. Fitzgerald (DCAA)
Lt. Gen. William N. Phillips (ASALT)
Lt. Gen. Mark Shackelford (Air Force)
Lt. Gen. Robert L. Van Antwerp (USACE)
Jeffrey P. Parsons (ACC)
7-26-2010 Subcontracting: Who's Minding the Store? Edward Harrington (DoD)
Patrick Fitzgerald (DCAA)
Cathy Read (DoS)
Drew W. Luten III (USAID)
Cheryl Ritondale (KBR)
Norm Powell (Fluor)
John Supina (DynCorp)
Chris Taylor (Mission Essential Personnel, LLC)
Fred Brune (CH2M Hill; subcontractor to DynCorp)
Perry Dalby (Tamimi Global; subcontractor to KBR)
Paul Hinks (Symbion Power Services; subcontractor to Louis Berger/Black & Veatch)
Mark Kleckner (McNeil Technologies; subcontractor to DynCorp)
Marc Krens (The Diplomat Group; subcontractor to Fluor)
Jerry Torres (Torres Advanced Enterprise Solutions; subcontractor to MEP)
7-12-2010 Total Force Policy, the QDR, and Other Defense and Operational Planning:
Why does Planning for Contractors Continue to Lag?
Kathleen Hicks, Deputy Under Secretary of Defense
Lieutenant General Kathleen Gainey, Director of Logistics, Joint Chiefs of Staff
Richard Robbins, Director, Requirements, OSD P&R
Gary Motsek, Assistant Deputy Under Secretary of Defense
6-21-2010 Private Security Contractors in Iraq: Where are we going? Gary Motsek (DoD)
Charlene Lamb (DoS)
David Blackshaw (USAID)
Edward Harrington (Army)
Don Ryder (DynCorp)
Kristi Clemens Rogers (Aegis)
Ignacio Balderas (Triple Canopy)
6-18-2010 Are Private Security Contractors Performing Inherently Governmental Functions? Dr. Al Burman (Jefferson Solutions)
Dr. Allison Stanger (Middlebury College)
Stan Soloway (PSC)
Danielle Brian (POGO)
Dr. Deborah Avant(University of California, Irvine)
Dr. John Nagl (Center for new American Security)
5-24-2010 How good is our system for curbing contract waste, fraud, and abuse? James Burch (DoD)
Kevin L. Perkins (FBI)
Raymond J. DiNunzio (SIGAR)
Ginger Cruz (SIGIR), Accompanied by Jon E. Novak
Donald A. Gambatesa (USAID)
Harold W. Geisel (DoS)
Mary L. Ugone (DoD)
4-19-2010 Reliance on Contingency Services Contracts: Where is the Management and Oversight? Shay Assad (DPAP)
Lieutenant General William Phillips (Army)
Edward Harrington (Army)
Jay Ward (Aecom)
Terry Raney (CACI)
3-29-2010 Rightsizing and managing contractors during the Iraq drawdown Patrick J. Fitzgerald (DCAA)
Jim Loehrl (RICC)
Lt. Gen. Pillsbury (Army Materiel Command)
Doug Horn (KBR)
Guy LaBoa (KBR)
3-1-2010 An Urgent Need: Coordinating Reconstruction and Stabilization in Contingency Operations PART II James A. Bever (USAID)
John E Herbst (DoS)
Dr. James Schear (DoD)
2-22-2010 An Urgent Need: Coordinating Reconstruction and Stabilization in Contingency Operations Stuart Bowen (SIGIR)
Maj. Gen. Arnold Fields (SIGAR)
Robert Perito (USIP)
Mark Schneider (International Crisis Group)
Seth Jones (RAND Corp)
2-2-2010 Coordinating Reconstruction and Stabilization in Contingency Operations Postponed due to weather
12-18-2009 Afghan National Security Forces Contract Training Amb (Ret) Kenneth P. Moorefield (DoD IG)
Major General Richard P. Formica
David T. Johnson (DoS/INL)
Michael Strain (DoD/CNTPO)
Donald Ryder (Dyncorp) Richard C. Nickerson (MPRI)
Fred Roitz (Xe)
11-02-2009 Counting Contractors, Managing the Drawdown, and DCMA/DCAA Cooperation Gary Motsek
Redding Hobby
John P. Hutton
Rear Admiral Tom Traaen
Lee Thompson
William M. Solis
Shay D. Assad
Charlie E. Williams, Jr.
April G. Stephenson
9-14-2009 State Department Contractor Oversight and Conduct Patrick F. Kennedy
Terry Pearson
Danielle Brian
Samuel Brinkley
William L. Ballhaus
Doug Brooks
8-12-2009 Linguist Support Services April G. Stephenson (DCAA)
John Isgrigg (INSCOM)
Greg Scmidt (Northrop Grummand)
John Houck (GLS)
Thomas Miller (L-3 Communications Holdings)
8-11-2009 Contractor Business Systems David Methot (Fluor)
David Ricci (DCMA)
Jeff Parsons (AMC-ACC)
William Ballhaus (DynCorp)
William Walter (KBR)
April Stephenson (DCAA)
5-4-2009 LOGCAP: Support-Contracting Challenges in Iraq and Afghanistan Mr. Jeffery P. Parsons (US Army Contracting Command)
Lee Thompson (LOGCAP Program Manager)
Charlie Williams (DCMA)
April Stephenson (DCAA)
2-2-2009 Lessons from the Inspectors General: Improving Wartime Contracting Stuart Bowen (SIGIR)
Thomas F. Gimble (DoD)
Harold W. Geisel (DoS)
Donald A. Gambatesa (USAID)
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