Commission on Wartime Contracting

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The Commission Staff

Bob Dickson
Executive Director

Jeffrey Brand
Deputy Director

Clark Irwin

Karen Sorber
Study Director

Norbert Doyle
Director, Functional Group

David Fitzgerald
Director, Mgt & Acct Group

COL Kel Wood
Director of Operations
The full Commission staff comprises more than 50 experienced professional and administrative members. They have a wide range of experience and expertise including acquisition and contract management, security, logistics, reconstruction, auditing, program management, law, consulting, military service, congressional staff work, Government Accountability Office research, information science, and other fields. The staff includes detailees from the Departments of Defense and of State, as well as members with on-the-ground experience in Iraq, Afghanistan, and other contingency operations. In addition, staff members bring many years of industry, non-governmental organization, and other private-sector experience to the work of the Commission. Staff list from Final Report
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