Commission on Wartime Contracting

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2011 Press Releases

Date Number Title Download

9-28-2011 CWC-NR-50 Wartime Contracting Commission closes its doors September 30 PDF Link: 286 KB

8-31-2011 CWC-NR-49 Wartime Contracting Commission releases final report to Congress PDF Link: 171 KB

6-3-2011 CWC-NR-48 Wartime Contracting Commission warns of huge risk from unsustainable projects PDF Link: 66 KB

6-2-2011 CWC-NR-47 Senior State Dept. official to testify before Wartime Contracting Commission June 6 PDF Link: 76 KB

4-29-2011 CWC-NR-46 Wartime Contracting Commission to hear from think tanks, industry and academia PDF Link: 73 KB

4-19-2011 CWC-NR-45 Hearing will seek officials’ views on contract waste and obstacles to reform PDF Link: 73 KB

4-8-2011 CWC-NR-44 ADVISORY: Government shutdown would force cancellation of April 11 hearing PDF Link: 43 KB

4-6-2011 CWC-NR-43 Hearing will examine non-governmental organizations’ lessons for contingencies PDF Link: 72 KB

3-25-2011 CWC-NR-42 Hearing will examine aid agency’s plans for improved contracting performance PDF Link: 68 KB

3-22-2011 CWC-NR-41 Hearing will examine Pentagon drive to save money on contracting PDF Link: 67 KB

3-2-2011 CWC-NR-40 Commission report warns time and funds are short to prepare for State Dept. role in post-withdrawal Iraq PDF Link: 69 KB

2-24-2011 CWC-NR-39 Government can save billions of dollars in contracting while improving Iraq, Afghan outcomes, report says PDF Link: 73 KB

2-23-2011 CWC-NR-38 Wartime Contracting Commission hearing to examine government tools for holding contractors accountable PDF Link: 78 KB

2-8-2011 CWC-NR-37 Wartime Contracting Commission will take sworn testimony from contractors on Afghan construction PDF Link: 115 KB

1-19-2011 CWC-NR-36 Wartime Contracting hearing will probe weak controls and waste in Afghan construction projects PDF Link: 84KB
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