Commission on Wartime Contracting

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2009 Press Releases

Date Number Title Download
12-16-2009 CWC-NR-18 12/18 HEARING ADVISORY: Wartime Contracting hearing on Afghan security forces will include panel of contractor witnesses PDF Link: 250KB
12-11-2009 CWC-NR-17 Wartime Contracting hearing will probe training contracts for Afghanistan security forces PDF Link: 235KB
12-3-2009 CWC-NR-16 Wartime Contracting commissioners in Afghanistan to check on training for country’s security forces PDF Link: 254KB
11-3-2009 CWC-NR-15 Former GAO official Katherine Schinasi named to Commission on Wartime Contracting PDF Link: 92KB
11-3-2009 CWC-NR-14 Wartime Contracting team on fact-gathering mission in Iraq and Kuwait PDF Link: 91KB
10-27-2009 CWC-NR-13 Wartime Contracting hearing to probe three accountability issues in Iraq and Afghanistan PDF Link: 98KB
10-1-2009 CWC-NR-12 Federal law forces bad choices for embassy security, says special report from Wartime Contracting Commission PDF Link: 116KB
9-22-2009 CWC-NR-11 Training of Afghan army and police focus of Wartime Contracting hearing Postponed PDF Link: 39KB
9-21-2009 CWC-NR-10 Special report calls for reforms in oversight of wartime contractors’ business systems PDF Link: 35KB
9-21-2009 CWC-NR-9 Training of Afghan army and police will be focus of Sept. 24 Wartime Contracting Commission hearing PDF Link: 40KB
9-14-2009 CWC-NR-8 Wartime Contracting to probe State Department oversight and contractor-employee conduct PDF Link: 39KB
8-21-2009 CWC-NR-7 Wartime Contracting team headed to Afghanistan to examine contracts for training and reconstruction PDF Link: 38KB
8-6-2009 CWC-NR-6 Wartime Contracting hearings explore contractor business systems and linguist support services PDF Link: 38KB
7-21-2009 CWC-NR-5 Wartime Contracting team gathers data in Kuwait and Iraq PDF Link: 38KB
7-5-2009 CWC-NR-4 Wartime contracting concerns to be aired at June 10 House hearing PDF Link: 38KB
4-28-2009 CWC-NR-3 Wartime Contracting Commission to query federal officials PDF Link: 38KB
3-31-2009 CWC-NR-2 Wartime Contracting teams to do on-site investigation in Iraq, Afghanistan PDF Link: 38KB
2-2-2009 CWC-NR-1 Inspectors General in the spotlight at first hearing of Commission on Wartime Contracting PDF Link: 38KB

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