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How can I submit a suggestion on how to stop the leak or clean up the oil?

Option 1

The Interagency Alternative Technology Assessment Program workgroup (IATAP), established by the National Incident Commander for the BP Deepwater Horizon oil spill, has established a process for collecting and reviewing oil spill response solutions from scientists and vendors. 

To submit a suggestion:

  1. Go to the FedBizzOps Deepwater Horizon Response page
  2. Open the most current Amendment (Amendment #1 as of 4JUN10) that contains BAA synopsis.
  3. Read the BAA synopsis
  4. If submitting a BAA white paper, click on the link on page 3 of the BAA synopsis. The link follows the words: "Offerors shall respond to this BAA by electronically submitting a White Paper at"
  5. Fill out the online form and attach BAA white paper as per synopsis.
  6. Click Submit.

What happens to these suggestions?

 The IATAP and the RDC will screen and triage submissions based on technical feasibility, efficacy and deployability. 

Option 2

Thousands of people have submitted possible ideas on how to stop or contain the oil in the Gulf of Mexico.

More than 20,000 ideas on how to stop the flow of oil or contain the oil spill have been sent to BP since the Gulf of Mexico incident.  These ideas have flooded in from people across the world, ranging from ordinary members of the public to oil industry professionals, and in many languages from Arabic to Russian.

BP has implemented a process to review and evaluate all of these suggestions.

There are two ways to submit a suggestion in this option:

  1. Call the Houston suggestion line at (281) 366-5511
  2. Fill out the online suggestion form at

Each caller to the Houston suggestion line has their details entered into the Horizon Call Center database. The database then automatically generates and sends the caller a simple form, termed the Alternative Response Technologies form, for them to set out the details of their idea.

Alternatively, the online form is a valuable tool in helping the team to systematically review the technical merits of the idea, as it allows the caller to describe the materials, equipment and skills needed for it to work.

After the caller completes and submits the form, it is sent for triage by a team of 30 technical and operational personnel who will review its technical feasibility and application. Given the quantity of the proposals and the detail in which the team investigates each idea, the technical review can take some time.  Each idea is sorted into one of three categories:

  • Not possible or not feasible in these conditions; 
  • Already considered/ planned or; 
  • Feasible.  

The feasible ideas are then escalated for a more detailed review, potential testing and field application. So far, around 100 ideas are under further review.  

Each submitter receives a reply informing them of the outcome. Those whose ideas are considered feasible will be contacted by BP if, and when, their support is needed.

Unified Command thanks each submitter for their interest and willingness to share their ideas.


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