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A new text message alert notification system has been set up for public use to receive alerts of interest from the Deepwater Horizon Response.  Members of the public can now sign up for text message alerts organized by information categories, state or general news. 

Text message alerts are organized by information categories, state, or by general news.  To subscribe, please choose which alerts you would like to receive and follow the subscription information provided below:

For example, to sign up to receive information on beach closures in the Gulf region, type beach@gulf to code 84469.

  • For information on all Deepwater Horizon Response Gulf and breaking news, text news@gulf to 84469.

  • State-specific information can be obtained by texting the following codes:

    • For Florida alerts, text FL@gulf to 84469
    • For Mississippi alerts, text MS@gulf to 84469
    • For Louisiana alerts, text LA@gulf to 84469
    • For Alabama alerts, text AL@gulf to 84469.
  • Topic specific information can be obtained by texting the following codes:

    • For information on affected wildlife, text wildlife@gulf to 84469
    • For information on beach closures and cleanup, text beach@gulf to 84469
    • For information on air quality monitoring from the EPA, text air@gulf to 84469
    • For information on water quality monitoring, text water@gulf to 84469
    • For fishing information / closures, text fishing@gulf to 84469

Important Information:

Subscribers may sign up for one or more feeds, and may incur normal text messaging charges from their cell phone carrier. 

Subscribers will receive a confirmation message that their inquiry has been received. No further action is necessary.

Subscribers may cancel out of the alert program at any time by sending stop gulf to 84469.

For technical assistance, please click here.


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