Past Events


Past Events
Date Time Event name
11/18/2015 10am Testimony to the House Agriculture Committee
Past, Present, and Future of SNAP: The National Commission on Hunger
05/13/2015 9am–4pm Albany, NY Public Hearing
05/14/2015 12pm–2pm Commission Conference Call
05/19/2015 9am–3pm Little Rock, AR Public Hearing
06/08/2015 2pm–4pm Commission Conference Call
06/15/2015 9am–4pm Oakland, CA Public Hearing  
06/26/2015 9am–6pm El Paso, TX Public Hearing  
07/14/2015 2:30pm–5:30pm Washington, DC Public Hearing  
07/15/2015 8am–1pm Commission Meeting
(Washington, DC)
07/30/2015 8:30am–4pm Portland, ME Public Hearing