Statement of Objectives

The National Commission on Restructuring the Internal Revenue Service has before it the task of assessing, analyzing and recommending positive reforms to the federal government's tax administration and collection system. The Commission's efforts will be focused on ways of creating a more efficient system and structure that eases the burden of compliance and protects basic rights for the taxpayer, while ensuring that the Internal Revenue Service collects the proper amount of taxes. In the end, the Commission hopes to ensure the American public's faith in its government to collect revenues in a fair and courteous manner.

The Commission's objectives are forward-looking: that the taxpayer shall receive superior service from the IRS and that the IRS shall be accountable to the taxpayer for appropriated and collected revenues; that the IRS shall use contemporary, effective technology for ease of service and compliance; and that the administration of the laws governing federal revenue collection shall be done at the lowest cost possible to the government and in the least burdensome manner to the taxpayer while ensuring the protection of civil liberties and privacy.

It is toward these goals, toward a higher quality IRS -- with the Taxpayer as the ultimate beneficiary -- that the Commission begins its endeavor.

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