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Parks & Protected Areas
The majority of these images are of national parks, monuments, nature reserves and preserves in the Americas and Africa; images from other continents will soon be added.

Botanical Gardens, Zoos, etc

Zoos, botanical gardens, and arboreta are places where the diversity is life is presented, and often bred, for scientific, conservation, and recreation purposes.

  • Botanical Gardens, Zoos, etc

National Monuments

In the U.S., national monuments have been designated by the president in order to conserve at least one unique site for a particular scenic, cultural, environmental, historical or other reason.

  • National Monuments

National Parks

National governments create and protect national parks for a variety of reasons, including scenic, environmental, cultural, historical, recreation, scientific or other values.

  • National Parks

Nature Reserves

Land can be named a 'nature preserve' at the local, state or national level. The degree of protection varies by country, but nature reserves are generally designated for conservational purposes.

Other Protections

Protection is not limited to the preceding land designations. Other areas can be granted protection at varying levels and for many different reasons; in some cases environmental protection is just a side benefit.