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Thursday, March 18, 2010

The Hawaii Weed Risk Assessment Database

The NBII Pacific Basin Information Node (PBIN), under contract with the Hawaii Invasive Species Council (HISC), has completed the development of a database system for the Hawaii - Pacific Weed Risk Assessment (HPWRA).  The HPWRA is a methodology designed to identify high-risk species, facilitating informed decisions that will reduce the economic and ecological harm caused by invasive plants.  Historically, HPWRA data was stored in separate spreadsheets for each of the 800+ species assessed to date. In that form, it was cumbersome to track detailed information and data were difficult to extract for analysis and presentation.
 The new system is based in SQL Server with a Microsoft Access user interface. This model allows the application to be widely distributed in a desktop environment while aggregating data in one central server database. Next steps include the development of a Web site that provides access to HPWRA data to the public.

Photos: Melastoma sanguineum (fox-tongued melastoma) Flower at Keaukaha, Hawaii.; December 05, 2001. Photos by Forest & Kim Starr,