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Water & Wetlands
As illustrated by this collection, a "body of water" can be a tiny rain puddle, a powerful ocean, or anything in between.

Coastal Environments

Coastal waters are places of transition, where oceans, land, and sometimes freshwater meet.

  • Coastal Environments

Inland Waters

These images of natural and man-made waters, shown from both aerial and ground views, include lakes, rivers, waterfalls, and their surrounding landscapes.

  • Inland Waters


All oceans on earth interconnect, forming one global body of salt water that is home to millions of marine organisms.

  • Oceans

Pools & Puddles

Small pools and puddles of water are almost microscopic compared to massive oceans, but they harbor a diversity of small insects, microorganisms, and more.

Reefs & Atolls

Reefs, including atolls (reefs enclosing a lagoon), are homes to diverse – and often fragile – life. The snapshots of these imperiled ecosystems are vital for research and for recording these part of the world's biodiversity heritage.


Wetlands are places of transition where land and water meet, and where plants have adapted to a soil saturated with water. Wetlands can include both coastal and freshwater environments.