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Weather, from fog to droughts to monsoons, is the dramatic, driving force that shapes where habitats occur

Clouds, Sunrises, & Sunsets

Clouds and the light of sunrise and sunset overlay landscapes and fill the sky with unique shapes and colors.

  • Clouds, Sunrises, & Sunsets


Droughts occur when rainfall is below average for an extended period of time, or when the water table falls and normal reserves become unavailable. Though a recurring feature in many parts of the world to which many species have adapted, intense droughts make survival challenging for humans, wildlife, and plants.

  • Droughts


Floods happen when water submerges a normally dry place; they can be seasonal as part of a natural environment or unexpected. To control floods, dams and levees may be added (or removed) to a watercourse.

  • Floods

Fog, Rain, & Dew

Droplets of water suspended in the air, clutched to the ground, or falling from the sky alter the humidity of the environment and create dew, mist, fog, and rain.

Snow & Ice

From random patches of ice to a forest blanketed with snow, this collection of images is growing to include the many beautiful varieties of frozen water.

Storms, Lightning & Wind

Forces that deluge the ground, light up the sky, or erode a landscape take shape in the form of storms, lighting, and wind. These images show the beginning, duration, and aftereffects of these forces in the environment.