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Advanced research in the management and treatment of Southern forests' most economically destructive force.

Sustaining Young Forest Communities: Ecology and Management of Early Successional Habitats in the Central Hardwood Region, USA

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Southern Research Station Science Areas

Forest Threats   Forest Threats provides the knowledge and tools required to predict and avert or mitigate the impacts of forest health threats.


Forest Values   Forest Values considers natural resources and humans inextricably linked in the South. These linkages will only strengthen as increased urbanization, globalization, and shifting values influence and alter how people interact with forests.


Forest Inventory and Monitoring   Forest Inventory and Monitoring quantifies and monitors the condition of natural resources in the South. It is critical for determining ecosystem responses to forest health threats and improvements in natural resource condition resulting from management activities.


Forest Restoration and Management   Forest Restoration and Management creates and improves tools and technologies that are needed to successfully restore and manage ecosystems in this changing environment.


Forested Watershed Science   Forest Watershed Science provides the knowledge and tools required to manage the full range of forest water resources in a dynamic and complex landscape.