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This section will soon feature information and photographs about many of our contributors.

The Contributors
Submitting Images
How LIFE Credits Contributors

The Contributors

Many individuals and organizations have provided images directly to LIFE, and we have at least that many new contributors preparing to add their images into our new system. Some contributors are private individuals and organizations donating their hard work and are allowing their images to be used for most nonprofit purposes. They usually give the highest resolution version they have available.

Before downloading an image, please review the "Rights" field for each image for information on how that particular image may be used. The rights vary even within the work of one photographer: some images may be in the public domain, while others may be copyrighted yet allowing for some specific nonprofit uses.


If you need a higher resolution version of an image or permission to use an image for commercial or other non-allowed purposes (as stated per image), you can contact the party responsible for the image directly. With each image, under the "More Credit Info" tab, look for the "Responsible Party" link, which in most cases will be contact information for the creator of the image or the contributing partner. If you cannot reach the Responsible Party or if you require more information, please contact us at and we will be glad to help determine the next steps.

Submitting Images

We are especially seeking images that are of environmental subjects currently not featured in large quantities within our library. (A wish-list is under construction.) If you are interested in contributing images to the library, below are some general requirements:

1.The images provided must be in the public domain
2. Detailed information must be provided with the images.
3. The images cannot be altered digitally.
4. Any species or habitat featured in the image must be identified using a credible, scientific source.
5. Ownership of the images, as well as rights to serve, must be stated in a signed agreement (template to be provided).

Please see the Acceptable Images document (in the right-hand column) for more on our requirements.

Currently we do not have an online process established to submit images to our library. We also are only accepting images in batches greater than 200. If you have a collection you would like to contribute to the library, please contact for more information on our requirements and guidelines.

How the LIFE Credits Contributors

First - Thank you! LIFE is a partnership of individuals and organizations, and contributors will always be given the appropriate credit in multiple ways. Our methods include the following:

1. Providing a clear statement of the Rights and Licenses next to each image.
2. Providing a suggested credit line with each image.
3. Listing the details on who created, provided, and/or otherwise contributed to the image.
4. Showcasing our Contributors on this page, with links to their images (under development!).
5. Providing Special Collection opportunities to partners who need a collaborative environment to share images with others for research, or for cross-cutting topics.
6. Providing with each image an xml download of the metadata, as well as embedding the metadata into an image when it is published on our site. This metadata includes Rights, Licenses, Creator(s), Contributing Partners, and all other information provided with an image.
7. Mentioning our partners in any relevant presentations, displays, and exhibits.

As a U.S. agency, we cannot post a link to your Web site if it has commercial aspects. However, contributors will have their names listed with their photographs in the appropriate credit area, and we can post contributors' email addresses as contact information.


Individual contributors set their level of usage and permissions, so look for the "Rights" statement accompanying each image. For information on how to credit contributors, see under Media Usage.

Model Release - unless noted specifically with an image under the "More Credit Info" tab or in the Description, no person featured in a photograph in LIFE has signed a model release statement or has in any other way agreed to have their photograph used for publicity campaigns or for commercial uses.

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