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Salamanders, frogs, and the legless caecilians are semi-aquatic and rely heavily on their moist skin for gas exchange. These animals stay close to damp environments as their eggs lack a hard shell and dehydrate quickly in dry air.

Frogs & Toads

Known for their short bodies, large heads and four legs conducive to jumping, they make up the largest, most diverse group of amphibians. Some species have adapted characteristics to deter predation, such as camouflaging skin, poisonous mucus and gliding capability.

  • Frogs & Toads

Salamanders & Newts

Often mistaken for reptiles, salamanders are actually amphibians and are characterized by traits such as smooth skin and aquatic larvae. Most have short noses, grooved long bodies and tails that can even be regenerated if lost, while others metamorphose in three stages.