Help Information: Site Organization

How the Website is Organized

The listing below provides a brief description about each section of the WDIN website as seen from the homepage.

Community and Activities: Provides professional resources to the wildlife health community including meetings and events, as well as a listing of wildlife health organizations.
Current Content and News: This section is divided into three subsections:
  • New Content - Showcases the new resources recently added to the website.
  • Wildlife Disease News Digest - Lists recent postings made to the Wildlife Disease News Digest (Blog).
  • Avian Influenza News - Displays recent news articles about avian influenza (AI) from the National Wildlife Health Center. These are selected and posted by experts in AI research.
  • Hot Topics: Offers quick links to wildlife disease topics that are currently of particular interest.
    Maps & Data: Presents a map gallery in which links to maps are organized by specific diseases. This section also provides links to data resources that contain wildlife health statistics.
    Wildlife Health Monitoring Network (WHMN): Links to specific wildlife health surveillance systems that make up WHMN.
    Wildlife Diseases: Brings together resources on specific diseases. The information can be found by reviewing the lists by diseases alphabetically, by disease type and by affected species. Wildlife diseases that impact domestic animal and human health are also highlighted here.
    Web Resources: Provides general information on the topic of wildlife health and lists resources that will guide in the search for more specific information. These include links to news sources, internet search tools, research project listings, and teaching resources. Audio-visual materials can be found in this section in the WDIN Multi-Media Library.
    WDIN Info: Offers information about WDIN. Learn about who we are, our objectives, current WDIN projects and our partners. This section also provides a link to our "Help" guide and to different news products we provide for staying current on WDIN activities and wildlife disease news.

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