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Geology is the study of Earth's history and processes. These images of soils, minerals, rocks, fossils and geological proccesses are examples of geology's wide scope in the study of nature.

Fossils & Artifacts

The ancient remains, molds, or traces of some organisms has been preserved in fossils. Artifacts refer to early human objects and tools of a possible cultural significance. Both are usually recovered from sedimentary rock.

  • Fossils & Artifacts

Geological Processes

There are many geological processes that form the landscapes we see today. One is weathering, which breaks down the rock at the earth’s surface. Agents of erosion such as wind, water and ice transport the gravel and dust away.

  • Geological Processes

Rocks & Minerals

Minerals are the building blocks of rocks while rocks are the building block of the Earth's crust. The three types of rocks: igneous, sedimentary and metamorphic, and their mineral compositions can aide in mapping out Earth’s tectonic history.