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Reproduction exists as internal embryonic development or by egg, asexual or sexual, and internal or external. Other behavioral events often embellish the process such as calling, courtship, and sparing for mates.

Courtship & Mating

Courtship, pair bonds, mate recognition, and breeding competition, can consist of many different behaviors among species – some too subtle for us to recognize, others caught in action by the camera.

  • Courtship & Mating

Eggs & Young

Depending on the species, offspring can have many different physical forms at birth, and then grow through different phases. Included here are images of eggs, newborns that can walk at birth, instars, larvae, pupae, juveniles, and more.

  • Eggs & Young

Parental Behavior

Nest-building, incubation, suckling, and teaching are some of the behaviors exhibited by animal parents. Offspring can be extremely vulnerable at birth and proper care is essential in order to increase their chances of survival.