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Trees encompass a diverse range of woody plants that grow a tall, single stem before branching out and leafing.


Conifers are a related group of trees and shrubs that are typically evergreen, with long, needle-like leaves, and with seeds that grow in woody cones. Well-known conifers are the firs, spruces, cedars, hemlocks, and pines.

  • Conifers

Deciduous Trees

Often known for beautiful fall colors, deciduous trees shed their broad leaves at the end of the growing season. Deciduous plants include oaks, hickories, beeches, and maples.

  • Deciduous Trees

Fruit & Crop Trees

Humans plant fruit and crop trees in a variety of ways, from vast and regularly patterned fields to small, individual plots, in order to gather fruits and other products for subsistence or profit gains.

  • Fruit & Crop Trees


Having evolved before most other flowering plants, magnolias and their relatives produce tough flowers with a somewhat different structure.

Tropical trees

The majority of this collection consists of Amazonian trees, with many images not only featuring the entire tree, but also their bark, flowers, and leaves.