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Environmental Topics
Costs and benefits can vary on environmental issues such as agriculture, ecotourism, fires and urbanization, and the camera can help highlight both. Instances of wildlife disease and invasives species can be vividly demonstrated with the right image.


An abnormal condition that affects an organism which impairs normal functionality can be deadly. Diversified types and origins, including immune deficiencies, bacterial infection, genetic disorders, species transmission, and parasitic attack.

  • Diseases

Environmental Degradation

Natural processes and anthropogenesis can result in negative consequences for our environment. Disruption or destruction to natural and abiotic habitats can shift the symmetry of life, and adversely alter the balance of an ecosystem.

  • Environmental Degradation


Wildfires are a natural phenomenon yet cause massive devastation to species and habitats. However, controlled burning is prescribed to promote seedling germination, beneficial nutrients and reduction of catastrophic wildfires.

  • Fires

Human Impact

Deforestation, restoration, agriculture, and urbanization are among the many ways we effect our environment. Some processes are beneficial to both the environment and humans, most lead to destruction of the natural ecosystems.

  • Human Impact

Invasive Species

These non-native organisms adversely influence the native habitat and species by domination. These plants, animals or microorganisms, can reduce or destroy the economic, ecological, or environmental stability of a region.


Pollinators are animals that help promote reproduction for a plant species by carrying pollen from a male floral organ to a female floral organ. Whether common or rare, a pollinator plays a key role within an ecosystem.

Threatened & Endangered Species

Threatened and endangered species are those with the potential to be lost forever. We must hope – and work to ensure – that the future holds more than photographs of these unique animals and plants.