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screen shot of Eyes on Earth 3D interactive

Fly alongside NASA's Earth-observing satellite fleet in this interactive.

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Climate Change

visualization showing Arctic sea ice coverage

NASA's home on the web for global climate change information.

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Earth Observatory

Landsat 5 image of barrier islands off the coast of Brazil

Images and stories about climate and the environment that emerge from NASA research.

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Hurricane Updates

image of a hurricane

News and updates on NASA research focusing on tropical cyclones worldwide.

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Fires and Smoke

smoke plume from a fire in Wyoming

NASA satellites and aircraft examine fires around the world.

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Visualizing Science

visualization of temperatures and rainfall in Asia

NASA Goddard's Scientific Visualization Studio depicts and explains real NASA science with HD videos and other broadcast-quality products.

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Top Stories

NASAs Gulfstream-III research testbed lifts off from the Edwards Air Force Base runway with the UAV synthetic aperture radar pod under its belly.

NASA G-III Repeats Hawaiian Volcano UAVSAR Study

NASA’s G-III research aircraft returns to Hawaii for a week-long UAVSAR study to aid understanding of processes occurring under the Kilauea volcano.

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Increasing freshwater on the U.S. and Canadian side of the Arctic from 2005 to 2008 is balanced by decreasing freshwater on the Russian side, so that on average the Arctic did not have more freshwater.

NASA Finds Russian Runoff Freshening Canadian Arctic

A NASA study allays concerns melting Arctic sea ice could be increasing Arctic freshwater enough to impact the global "ocean conveyor belt" that ...

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NASAs DC-8 airborne science laboratory flew low over San Joaquin Valley farm fields while specialized instruments collected data during the vegetation canopy and soil moisture study.

NASA Studies Crop Canopy Water Content, Soil Moisture

Sensors on three NASA science aircraft recorded data on water fluctuation between soil and the atmosphere over California's San Joaquin Valley.

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Latest News and Features

  • NASA Awards Global Modeling And Assimilation Office Contract

    12.22.11 - NASA has awarded a contract to Science Systems and Applications, Inc. (SSAI) of Lanham, Md., for the Global Modeling and Assimilation Office (GMAO) scientific support services.

  • Space Station Commander Captures Unprecedented View Of Comet

    12.22.11 - International Space Station Commander Dan Burbank captured spectacular imagery of Comet Lovejoy, viewed from about 240 miles above the Earth’s horizon on Wednesday, Dec. 21.

  • Thick dust clouds block our night-time view of the Milky Way, creating what is sometimes called the Dark Rift.

    2012: Shadow of the Dark Rift

    12.21.11 - A cosmic alignment of the sun, Earth, and the center of our galaxy on the winter solstice happens every year without event, and poses no danger in 2012.

  • Physicist And Former Astronaut John Grunsfeld To Head NASA Science Directorate

    12.19.11 - NASA has named physicist and former astronaut John Grunsfeld as the new associate administrator for the Science Mission Directorate at the agency's headquarters in Washington. Grunsfeld will take the reins of the office effective Jan. 4, 2012. He succeeds Ed Weiler, who retired from NASA on Sept. 30.

  • This image of Supernova 1987A was taken by Hubble and shows a string of 'cosmic pearls' surrounds the exploding star.

    2012: Fear No Supernova

    12.16.11 - Given the vastness of space and the long times between supernovae, astronomers can say with certainty that there is no threatening star close enough to hurt Earth.

  • Ecological sensitivity map

    NASA - Climate Change May Bring Big Ecosystem Changes

    12.14.11 - By 2100, climate change will bring big changes to Earth's ecosystems, with many plants and animals facing increasing competition for survival, finds a new NASA/Caltech study.

  • Accumulated rainfall over the Philippine Islands from December 16-17, 2011.

    Washi (Western North Pacific Ocean)

    12.21.11 - An animation showing the onset and movement of rainfall from Washi was created by Dr. Zhong Liu, at the Goddard Earth Sciences Data and Information Services Center at NASA Goddard Space Flight Center in Greenbelt, Md.

  • The earth, featuring Antarctica

    Climate History Hints at Potential Rapid Changes

    12.08.11 - New research into Earth's climate history suggests there is potential for rapid climate changes this century if global warming is not abated.

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  • Clould-free skies allowed a view of the entire peninsula

    Baja California  →

    Clould-free skies allowed a view of the entire peninsula along Mexico's Pacific Coast.

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