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September 2009 artist conception of the James Webb Space Telescope.

'James Webb': A Year of Achievement and Success

The James Webb Space Telescope marked a year of significant progress in 2011 as it continues to come together as NASA's next generation space ...

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Techs work on RXTE in 1995

Rossi X-Ray Timing Explorer Completes Mission ...

After 16 years in space, RXTE has made its last observation. The satellite provided unprecedented views into the extreme environments around white ...

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Artist's concept of NASA's Mars Science Laboratory spacecraft

Trajectory Maneuver Slated for Jan. 11

An engine firing on Jan. 11 will be the biggest maneuver that NASA's Mars Science Laboratory spacecraft will perform on its flight between Earth and ...

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Orion test article water landing drop test at Hydro Impact Basin

Orion Drop Test - Jan. 06, 2012

After six months of testing, an 18,000 pound (8,165 kg) Orion mockup took its final splash into NASA's Hydro Impact Basin on Jan. 6.

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jsc2012e017837 -- Multiple images of the International Space Station

Photographing the International Space Station from ...

Photographing the International Space Station seems like something that could be done only from space, but taking a picture from your own backyard ...

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'Greeley Haven' on Endeavour Rim

'Greeley Haven' is Winter Workplace for Mars Rover

Researchers plan to keep NASA's Opportunity rover busy through Martian winter at a sun-facing site, "Greeley Haven," where a study of the planet's ...

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Astronaut Don Pettit examines computer card

Space Station Team Undertakes 'EPIC' Event

Working in chorus with the International Space Station team in Mission Control, the Expedition 30 crew is upgrading the primary computers onboard.

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