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    Administrator Charles F. Bolden. Credit: NASA/Bill Ingalls
    NASA believes sharing information with the public increases awareness of and appreciation for our Nation’s history and inspires others to get involved in America’s space program. As NASA moves forward, it is paramount that we remain steadfast in communicating with you, the general public, NASA’s commitment to embrace innovation, develop transformative technologies, and make extraordinary discoveries in space and here on Earth.

    Charles F. Bolden, Jr.
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Public Communications

    NASA’s Public Communications Office is committed to providing information to the general public, and your interest in NASA and America’s space program is greatly appreciated. However, as NASA receives thousands of communications each week from all over the world, it is not always possible to meet your expected response time. Therefore, you are strongly encouraged to use the NASA Web site for finding the information you are seeking or the answers to your questions. NASA also invites you to consider using one or more of the following easy and convenient communications tools for receiving NASA Updates on the exciting work NASA is doing.

Boy and Girl Scouts

    NASA recognizes Boy Scouts earning the prestigious Eagle Rank and Girl Scouts earning the prestigious Gold Award. To receive a certificate of recognition from NASA commemorating these distinguished achievements, use the links below:

    Boy Scout Certificate of Recognition Girl Scout Certificate of Recognition
     + For Boy Scouts       + For Girl Scouts

NASA Information - American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009

    Implementing the Recovery Act at NASA

    Among the key purposes of the Recovery Act are preserving and creating jobs, spurring technological advances in science and health, and promoting economic recovery. NASA has an important role to play in achieving these purposes through the program and facilities investments it will make with Recovery Act funding.

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