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With the goal of sustainability, environmental management includes the attempt to controll an ecosystem's components, from its internal species to ecological processes, to the influence of new, external factors.

Captive Animals

Animals are often held in zoos, research institutions, or clinics for many reasons - including breeding, veterinarian care, research, or education. Their management and care can be very specialized.

  • Captive Animals

Ecosystem Management

Where human actions may disrupt the dynamics of an ecosystem, or where an ecosystem has an undesirable impact on human needs, ecosystem management aims to prevent, mitigate, and reverse environmental damage, and sometimes help save wildlife and human lives.

  • Ecosystem Management


Ecotourism is a form of environmental management aimed at providing a natural experience while minimizing its impact on the related habitat and wildlife.

  • Ecotourism

Environmental Education

Education about nature and the environment includes both formal and informal education tools and efforts. This folder contains images of educational events within schools and museums, during conferences, on the street, in the park, and more.

Parks & Protected Areas

The majority of these images are of national parks, monuments, nature reserves and preserves in the Americas and Africa; images from other continents will soon be added.

Wildlife Management

This folder currently contains images of monitoring, hunting, reintroductions, and other methods used for the sustainable management of species. See also the Research folder for methods used to monitor species.