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Signs, Structures, etc
Animals leave clues, such as tracks, waste, nests, and marks which can identify species. These traces also determine important aspects of an animal’s behavior including reproductive, health, grouping, and dietary practices.

Animal Products

Honey, pearls, beef, sponges, and wool are produced by and or from animals and harvested as products. Some are farmed or cultured and can sustain a species but over harvesting can cause others to struggle to maintain.

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Dens, nests, and hives provide protection from weather and predators, and a haven for rearing offspring and storing food. A variety of animals construct their own shelter including birds, insects, mammals, reptiles, and fish.

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Tracks & Trails

Animals can leave signs of activity from feeding, bedding, and herding. This evidence helps to describe and identify living animals, as well as those extinct whose imprints have now formed into trace fossils.


Animal excrement provides details on species identification, diet, and health through content research. Other animal waste is often recycled by other animals including snake skin, bird nests, spider webs, and arthropod shells.