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BIOS is a system designed to enable the management, visualization, and analysis of biogeographic data collected by the Department of Fish and Game and its Partner Organizations. In addition, BIOS facilitates the sharing of those data within the BIOS community. BIOS integrates GIS, relational database management, and ESRI's ArcIMS and ArcGIS Server technologies to create a statewide, integrated information management tool that can be used on any computer with access to the Internet.

Try our latest BIOS product. It's Beta, so not all functionality is there yet, but it's coming. Send comments to .
Open to the public - only non-sensitive data are included.
Password required - for DFG Personnel and Authorized Partners only.
Password required - for DFG Personnel and CNDDB Subscribers: for current CNDDB password, please call (916) 324-3812.

*** California Essential Habitat Connectivity ***

Open to the public - all connectivity layers are included.
Password required - additional secured BIOS layers are included.

More information about Essential Habitat Connectivity.

Download the GIS Data.


*** Desert Renewable Energy Conservation Plan ***

Open to the public.
Password required - additional secured layers are included.

More information about DFG's role in Renewable Energy Project Planning.

Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger's Executive Order on Renewable Energy.

Additional information about BIOS and the Data Viewer
A quick start guide for getting started with the BIOS Data Viewer
Tutorials for working with the tools and report writers in BIOS
Training course information for CNDDB and the BIOS Data Viewer
A list of the 20 most recent public dataset additions/updates to BIOS
A complete list of all of the public datasets in BIOS
Recommended contract language for data development contracts
Guidelines for getting your data into BIOS
View this comparison chart
Species-specific field protocols
Suggested minimal information when citing BIOS Data Layers
Our partners and their role in BIOS
Contact the BIOS Staff