Monday, July 19, 2010

Enhancements Underway for Butterflies and Moths of North America Database

Click to view larger: Ailanthus webworm 
moth on Goldenrod flowersAs part of a multi-Node effort supported by the NBII in 2009, the Big Sky Institute (BSI) continues to enhance the national Butterflies and Moths of North America (BAMONA) database. Most of the data has been transferred to the new database for the Drupal-based Web site that allows for listing of species information by family, subfamily, etc. Additional views are being developed including for images, which will allow users to sort images by family. In the geographic area, the benefits of updating the site include the addition of a filter box for displaying species information by states/provinces; by geographic area or by subfamily or other user specified parameters. The new Web site will be launched in Fall 2010. For current information, go to

(Photo: Ailanthus webworm moth (Atteva punctella) on Goldenrod (Solidago sp.) flowersCredit: © 2008 Elizabeth A. Sellers, Courtesy of


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