The largest island of South Korea, Jeju is the venue for the 2012 IUCN World Conservation Congress
How the 2012 IUCN Congress will boost action for biodiversity
We live, eat and breathe nature
Join us in Jeju, Republic of Korea, for our 2012 Congress
  • Providing the knowledge and action for species and ecosystem conservation
  • Placing nature at the centre of climate change solutions
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  • Improving environmental management for food security and human well-being
  • Integrating the value of nature into economic policy and practice

IUCN’s monthly highlight
  • Drylands in Kenya - Garba Tula Learn more about conservation topics with our video, article, and photo package.
New app
Green technology
  • A preview of the Species on the Edge app A new ‘Species on the Edge’ app shows stunning images of threatened plants and animals
IUCN Red List of Threatened Species™
  •  This update offers both good and bad news on the status of many species around the world
Action now to save polar bears
  • Polar bear IUCN study predicts dramatic reduction in polar bear habitats.
IUCN Membership tops 1200
  • Butterfly 52 new IUCN members added in November.
Forests: a legal challenge
  • Cover of arborvitae Issue 44 Arborvitae covers the most important issues affecting how forest resources are used and governed.