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NASA Radar to Study Hawaii's Most Active Volcano

Color-enhanced UAVSAR interferogram images of Hawaii's Kilauea volcano

A JPL-developed airborne radar has returned to the home of Pele, the Hawaiian volcano goddess, to continue a study of one of Earth's most active volcanoes.

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Trajectory Maneuver Slated for Jan. 11

Mars Science Laboratory Spacecraft During Cruise, Artist's Concept

An engine firing on Jan. 11 will be the biggest maneuver that NASA's Mars Science Laboratory spacecraft will perform on its flight between Earth and Mars.

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'Greeley Haven' is Winter Workplace for Mars Rover

Approaching 'Greeley Haven' on Endeavour Rim

Researchers plan to keep NASA's Opportunity rover busy through Martian winter at a sun-facing site, "Greeley Haven," where a study of the planet's core has begun.

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