Enabling Exploration

Ares vehicles collage

Marshall develops and manages space exploration vehicles and hardware to explore beyond low Earth orbit.

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Scientific Discovery

Dr. Lisa Monaco, project scientist for the Lab-on-a-Chip Applications Development program, examines a prototype chip.

Marshall develops, builds, and manages spacecraft and instruments, and performs research that enables scientific discovery in space and benefits life on Earth.

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Latest Marshall News

Engineers and technicians in the A2 Test Control Center at Stennis Space Center in southern Mississippi monitor activities during a Nov. 9 test of a next-generation J2X rocket engine.

J-2X Engine Rockets Through First Tests

The best tech gift for propulsion engineers might be NASA's first new human-rated rocket engine to be developed in 40 years, the J-2X.

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Composite image of pulsar SXP 1062

Celestial Bauble Intrigues Astronomers

With the holidays in full swing, a new image from an assembly of telescopes has revealed an unusual cosmic ornament.

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International Space Station researcher Mike Fossum, commander of Expedition 29, puts one of the Smart SPHERES through its paces.

'Smart SPHERES' Tested Successfully on Space Station

In November, a free-flying robot on the International Space Station successfully gathered and delivered motion data via a new smartphone controller.

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Artist concept of Space Launch System on launchpad

NASA, Industry Leaders Discuss New Booster Development

On Dec. 15, more than 120 aerospace industry leaders attended the Space Launch System's Advanced Booster Industry Day at the Marshall Center.

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Final J2X engine test for 2011

NASA Concludes 2011 Testing of J-2X Engine

NASA has completed the 2011 testing of the J-2X engine, preparing for another active year of testing in 2012.

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Stennis Space Center engineers and technicians watch as the J2X powerpack is hoisted into place in the A1 test stand Dec. 6.

NASA Ready to Test Upgraded J-2X Powerpack

For engineers working on the J-2X engine program, installation of the upgraded J-2X powerpack may feel like a long-awaited holiday gift.

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Marshall: Launching the Future of Science and Exploration

    Image of space shuttle night launch in light of the full moon From the roar of mighty rocket engines to extraordinary scientific discoveries about our world and our universe, NASA's Marshall Space Flight Center in Huntsville, Ala., stands at the forefront of the nation’s space exploration mission -- just as it has done for five decades.

    The Marshall Center became a NASA field center July 1, 1960. Today it supports the whole spectrum of the agency's crucial work: propulsion, engineering, science, space operations, and project and program management. With its talented, skilled and diverse work force; extensive practical experience; and state-of-the-art laboratories and test facilities, Marshall thrives at the intersection of science and exploration.

    What do we seek to accomplish? The answer to that question hasn't changed in 50 years: discoveries that increase our understanding of the cosmos and our place in it; improve our ability to safely live and work in space; and deliver practical breakthroughs here on Earth that protect the planet and improve life for all humanity.

More About Marshall

  • Robert Lightfoot

    Welcome to Marshall!

    Welcome to the Marshall Center! Learn more about Marshall's vital roles in America's space program.

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  • Marshall Faces brochure

    Marshall Faces

    Meet the many different "faces" of the Marshall Center's diversified field of experts.

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  • Marshall Information Sheet graphic

    Marshall Information Sheet

    An overview of Marshall Space Flight Center's key areas of support, outreach initiatives, spinoffs and visitor information.

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  • Hubble Directly Observes a Planet Orbiting Another Star

    Marshall Facts

    Marshall Space Flight Center is a key contributor to significant NASA programs, continuing a legacy of accomplishment.

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  • Economic Impact Brochure

    Marshall plays a key role in the economic success of Alabama.

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