Hangar 703 at Drydens Aircraft Operations Facility in Palmdale CA.
Dryden Aircraft Operations Facility

Dryden's Aircraft Operations Facility in Palmdale offers the expanded space needed to manage the Center's airborne science missions and research platforms.

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dryden web pages in spanish
en Español

Índice de los Páginas del Web de Dryden en Español
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X-15 in flight
This Week in Dryden's History

A collection of historical facts and events from Dryden's last 50 years.

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group of people standing around X-1
Careers at Dryden

Join the excitement! Be a part of the Dryden team.

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A Dryden tour guide speaks to a group of students touring Dryden.
Dryden Tours Cancelled

Due to budgetary constraints, group and individual tours of Dryden Flight Research Center have been cancelled effective Dec. 16, 2011.

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thunderstorm photo with lightning strike
DFRC Severe Weather Instructions

Employee procedures for determining if Dryden is open for a normal workday during severe weather conditions.

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Dryden News and Features

NASAs Gulfstream-III research testbed lifts off from the Edwards Air Force Base runway with the UAV synthetic aperture radar pod under its belly.

NASA G-III Repeats Hawaiian Volcano UAVSAR Study

NASA’s G-III research aircraft returns to Hawaii for a week-long UAVSAR study to aid understanding of processes occurring under the Kilauea volcano.

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test pilot John Griffith in X-1

Retired NACA research pilot John Griffith Dies

Retired National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics test pilot John Griffith, who flew many of the early research aircraft, has died at the age of 90.

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ER-2 pilot Tom Ryan

Tom Ryan's Self-Portrait in the Stratosphere

NASA research pilot Tom Ryan snapped this self-portrait while flying the ER-2 Earth Resources aircraft on a high-altitude mission over New Mexico.

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NASA Dryden’s F-15B research testbed aircraft flew the CCIE experimental jet engine inlet to speeds up to Mach 1.74, or about 1.7 times the speed of sound.

New Inlet Design Could Improve Engine Efficiency

Channeled center body inlet could improve airflow and fuel efficiency of jet engines at a wide variety of speeds.

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Aerial view of Dryden Flight Research Center

2011 Saw Key Science, Aerospace Research at Dryden

The Dryden Flight Research Center helped advance NASA's overall mission of Earth and space science and aerospace technology research during 2011.

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News and Features

Dryden Spotlight

  • SOFIA landing in Palmdale


    NASA is developing the Stratospheric Observatory for Infrared Astronomy - or SOFIA - as a world-class airborne observatory that will complement the Hubble, Spitzer, Herschel and James Webb space telescopes and major Earth-based telescopes.
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  • X-48B Blended Wing Body on lakebed

    Research Update

    Current flight research projects and programs being flown at Dryden Flight Research Center.

  • Orbiter Atlantis being loaded onto one of NASA’s Boeing 747 Shuttle Carrier Aircraft (SCA) at the Dryden Flight Research Center, Edwards, California.

    NASA Dryden and the Space Shuttles

    Although most followers of NASA's Space Shuttle Program associate the shuttles with NASA's space-oriented field centers, major contributions to the shuttles' development occurred at NASA's four research field centers. Learn about some of NASA Dryden's contributions to space shuttle development and support in this series of historical articles
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  • X-15

    X-15 Interactive Feature

    The sensational, iconic, and groundbreaking X-15 hypersonic research aircraft extended flight to the edge of space during the 1950s and 1960s.

X-Press Publications

  • cover of shuttle tribute x-press

    X-Press: Shuttle Tribute

    Dryden played an important role in the shuttle program from its earliest stages. The space shuttle prototype Enterprise was flown at the center in a 1977 series of flight tests that evaluated glide and landing characteristics of the 100-ton vehicles.
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  • Aerovations 2011 cover


    Expanding on initiatives of the former Innovative Partnerships Program, new opportunities are nurturing innovations inside and outside of NASA.
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