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The Great Basin Metadata Server is a Node of the NBII Metadata Clearinghouse that includes information about spatial and biological data that overlay the extent of the Great Basin and Columbia Plateau.

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16) Great Basin Information Project

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Live Maps and Data

This page provides links to a variety of mapping applications. Please note the checklist for viewing internet map servers in the left column before accessing mapping sites.

sagemap home page

The SAGEMAP project, conducted by the Snake River Field Station (SRFS) of the USGS Forest and Rangeland Ecosystem Science Center, identifies and collects spatial data layers needed for research and management of sage grouse and shrubsteppe ecosystems. The datasets, which can be queried, viewed, and downloaded, are important for our understanding and management of shrubsteppe lands and associated wildlife. Examples of how these data have been used:

  • identifying factors causing the declines of wildlife and shrubsteppe habitats
  • in the decision process for listing of Greater Sage-grouse ( Centrocercus urophasianus ) as a Threatened or Endangered species
  • to help guide restoration of habitats in the Great Basin and the Columbia Plateau

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Science Locator
Science Locator home page

The Science Locator is a joint project of the Great Basin Information Project and SAGEMAP. It is designed to be an efficient communication and collaboration tool for natural resource scientists and managers in the Western U.S. The Internet Map Server interface will allow you to select from the full list of projects based on the primary focus or CLASS of project, sponsoring AGENCY , or principal SCIENTIST . A map will indicate locations of projects, and a simple click of a button will open a window with the project description.

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Great Basin Internet Map Server
Great Basins Internet Map Server home page

This Internet mapping application will help you visualize the geology, water, vegetation in the Great Basin and Columbia Plateau, and how we humans have influenced these natural resources. In addition to viewing the data live on your computer, users with GIS Software can download the GIS version of each of these data sets by visiting The Conservation Assessment for Greater Sage Grouse and Sagebrush Habitats.

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Southwest Regional Gap Analysis Project
SWReGAP home page

The Southwest Regional Gap Analysis Project (SWReGAP) is an update of the Gap Analysis Program's mapping and assessment of biodiversity for the five-state region encompassing Arizona, Colorado, Nevada, New Mexico, and Utah. The primary objective of the project is to use a coordinated mapping approach to create detailed, seamless GIS maps used to identify biotic elements that are underrepresented (or are 'gaps') on lands managed for their long term conservation.

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Rangeview logo

The RangeView website provides applications for viewing, animating, and analyzing satellite imagery in order to monitor vegetation dynamics through time and across landscapes. RangeView is simple to use and valuable for natural resource managers, land owners, educators, and researchers.

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Columbia River USGS Interdisciplinary Science Explorer
CRUISE home page

The CRUISE project - Columbia River USGS Interdisciplinary Science Explorer - will implement the first phase of integrated Internet Map Service (IMS) to improve access to USGS data and geospatial analysis technology for the Columbia River Basin. It will deliver base cartographic data, science results, and one or more science applications representing USGS activities over the Columbia River Basin. Each of the science disciplines - Water, Biology, Geology and Geography - will be represented. The focus is on serving USGS data, science applications and real-time modeling analyses. These analysis tools and the integration of science from all four Disciplines will primarily differentiate this site from other available map services.

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