Tuesday, January 10, 2012


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The Healy, left, a Coast Guard icebreaker, carves a path in the frozen Bering Sea for the Renda, a Russian tanker carrying 1.3 million gallons of emergency gasoline and diesel for Alaska. Shipping delays and a major storm prevented Nome's winter supply of fuel from arriving in early fall.
Petty Officer 3rd Class Jonathan Lally/U.S. Coast Guard, via Associated Press

The Healy, left, a Coast Guard icebreaker, carves a path in the frozen Bering Sea for the Renda, a Russian tanker carrying 1.3 million gallons of emergency gasoline and diesel for Alaska. Shipping delays and a major storm prevented Nome's winter supply of fuel from arriving in early fall.

A Russian tanker is slogging through sea ice behind a Coast Guard icebreaker, trying to bring 1.3 million gallons of emergency gasoline and diesel to remote Alaska.

Daley Stepping Down in Rare White House Shake-Up

William M. Daley will be replaced by Jacob J. Lew, the budget director and a seasoned Washington insider, jolting the top ranks of President Obama’s administration in an election year.

Iran Imposes Death Sentence on U.S. Man Accused of Spying

A former United States serviceman, Amir Mirzaei Hekmati, has become the first American to receive a death sentence in Iran since the Islamic Revolution more than 30 years ago.

Florida Man Charged With Plotting Terror Campaign in Name of Islam

A man was charged with plotting a terrorist spree around Tampa, which included plans to bomb night clubs, destroy bridges and shoot police officers in the name of radical Islam.

A Big Check, and Gingrich Gets a Big Lift

A $5 million check from Sheldon Adelson underscores how last year’s landmark Supreme Court ruling on campaign finance has made it possible for a wealthy individual to influence an election.

Romney Waves Away Opponents’ Intensifying Attacks

The attacks on Mitt Romney over his role at Bain Capital, a corporate buyout firm, came as his lead in New Hampshire appeared to be slipping.

Justices Grapple With Voting Rights Case That Could Help Tip the House

A dispute over redrawn voting maps appeared to frustrate some members of the Supreme Court against the backdrop of looming deadlines.

In South Carolina, Hopes of Passing a Crucial Test

The South Carolina primary is fast becoming an early proving ground, and for some Republican candidates, a likely final one.

From Boardwalk to Barrio, Los Angeles Cracks Down

In Venice Beach and the Westlake district, a new city ordinance puts pressure on vendors at two popular street markets.


Video: TimesCast | Remembering in Tucson

Last year’s mass shooting in Tucson inspired memorials around the city. Today, thousands of items left in remembrance have been collected and stored in a warehouse on the outskirts of the city.

Interactive Feature: The Future Military: Your Budget Strategy

The Pentagon may have to come up with as much as $1 trillion in cuts if Congress follows through with deeper reductions. Make your own plan to reduce the budget.

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