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Photographs from the image catalog
Photos from the Great Basin Image Catalogue
Credit: USGS

Photographs are important tools for biologists working in the field. Sometimes they are used to describe a field technique. Some are used to document a particularly good specimen of plant or animal. Sometimes, a picture is simply taken for fun.

Use the menu to the right to select a category of image to view from the Image Catalog. It houses a selection from 20+ years of research within the Great Basin and Columbia Plateau regions. Most were taken by staff or associates of the Snake River Field Station in Boise, ID. Information about each photo is provided, if available. All may be freely downloaded. We just ask that you please give credit to the photographer (if listed) and the USGS (example, Photo credit: John Doe/USGS).

You can also take a photographic tour of the Great Basin and Columbia Plateau by visiting the interactive map available on the SAGEMAP web site. These photos were taken along survey routes and are georeferenced. The interactive maps allow you to click on a survey point and see a photograph of that location. This site illustrates the diversity of landscapes within these regions.

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For a broader selection of images of our natural world, visit the NBII Digital Image Library. It offers images related to nature and the environment. The library's collections include photographs of plant and animal species, scenic landscapes, wildlife management, and biological fieldwork.
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The Pacific Basin Information Node offers Images of Pacific Basin organisms and environments. Here you can find images of:

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