Science in the Great Basin and Columbia Plateau

This page is dedicated to providing links to web pages that contain scientific information concerning a broad spectrum of research from species specific accounts to larger ecological issues such as restoration projects in the Great Basin.
  • The Coordinating Bird Monitoring page contains links to information concerning nongame bird initiatives that focus on taxa-specific monitoring programs. You can also download reports on aquatic bird surveys, data management systems, and analytic tools.

  • The Fish On-line web site allows users to search for aquatic data in the state of Idaho by selecting a sampling site or a stream. You will also find a link to the FISHBASE web site, which provides detailed natural history information for each fish family and species.

  • The Livestock Grazing Best Management Practices page contains information about Best Management Practices for livestock grazing in Sage-grouse habitat. It contains a review of livestock management literature and a synthesis of information from the literature review.

  • The Pygmy Rabbit page contains links to information concerning everything from the biology and life-history of the species to tips on detecting these rabbits and where current populations are located.

  • The Sage-grouse Local Working Group Locator provides information on the location and contact information for all sage-grouse working groups. An interactive map will help you in your information quest!

  • The Science Locator is a comprehensive project-oriented research and management information tool for the entire Intermountain West. The map-based interactive web site provides location, description, and contact information for research and management projects throughout the region.

  • Wandering Birds of the Great Basin is a series of interactive maps showing the movements of 6 birds (2 ferruginous hawks, 2 American white pelicans, and 2 prairie falcons) that were tracked using satellite telemetry.

The Greater Sage-grouse

Greater Sage-grouse

Greater Sage-grouse
Centrocercus urophasianus

Description: The largest grouse species in North America. Large chicken-like bird. Grayish in color. Belly black. Long tail, with spiky tail feathers.

Habitat: Inhabits open sagebrush plains.


information from "All About Birds", Cornell Lab of Ornithology

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