Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Southern Appalachian Information Node (SAIN) Assessment

Click to view larger: Wild crane's-bill (Geranium maculatum)Dr. Miriam Davis and Ms. Amber Conger were lead authors for two posters featuring SAIN that were presented at the University of Tennessee's (UT) 2010 College of Communication and Information Research Symposium, "Communication and Information in a Digital Age." The posters were co-authored by UT School of Information Science faculty, including Dr. Carol Tenopir, Dr. Vandana Singh, Dr. Suzie Allard, and Dr. Lorraine Normore. "Increasing Biodiversity Information Sources for the Southern Appalachian Information Node: Developing a Matrix for Environmental Decision-Making" presented a matrix identifying environmental decision makers in the Southeast, a key audience for SAIN information, which can be used at multiple levels of granularity. "Evaluating Usage of the Southern Appalachian Information Node: A Baseline Assessment" found that the NBII and SAIN staff are actively promoting SAIN to relevant scientific communities, and other scientists and unaffiliated organizations frequently point to SAIN as a resource of value.

(Photo: Purple Wild crane's-bill (Geranium maculatum) flowers beside a hiking trail in an eastern Appalachian forest.© 2009 Elizabeth A. Sellers, Courtesy of life.nbii.gov)


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