Tuesday, January 18, 2011

USGS-NBII Library of Images From the Environment (LIFE) Featured in Science.gov

The USGS-NBII Library of Images From the Environment (LIFE)  is among the first three federal image galleries to be featured with Science.gov's new image search capability. LIFE's substantial scientific documentation and quality images led Science.gov to select it along with image galleries from NASA and NOAA. The results have just debuted online at http://scigovimage.deepwebaccess.com.

Thumbnails of LIFE's 28,000 scientific images are available through Science.gov, with direct links back to the LIFE Web site for detailed information and original image sizes.  The debut of Science.gov's image search is being featured in online news and blog sites such as Information Today, Knowledge Speak, the Intellogist Blog, the Special Libraries Association, LibraryJournal.com, the NASA wiki, and others.  LIFE will soon upload an additional 30,000 images contributed by the USGS and partner agencies to its Web site; those images will also be available to Science.gov's search tool.

(Photos: Top left: screen shot of the science.gov web site; bottom right: Alabama State butterfly: Tiger Swallowtail.  Photograph: Elizabeth A. Sellers /NBII.Gov.) 


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