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Integrate natural resource protection into your community planning efforts with our mapping service. This service will allow you to create maps at a county, watershed or state level, showcasing your satellite imagery, impaired streams, impervious surface, protected lands, State Wildlife Action Plans and much more.

Click here to go directly to the Mapper.

Land Trusts can now update their protected lands data! 

Click here to go to the Land Trust Editor.


To Get Started Mapping Your Community

1: Click here to open the Community Resource Mapper

2: Click on "Find Location" in the Task window and type in your desired location in the pop-up window.

3: Click on the '+' sign to expand the list in the Results window then select your desired location.  A blue push pin will appear on your chosen location.

4. Click the Magnify / Zoom in tool then use the cursor to click and drag a box around the desired area. 

5. In the Map Contents window, click the '+' signs to expand the map layer categories.  Select your desired layers and create a custom map of your community! 

Click here to view an Animated Tutorial.

Complete Instructions for using the Community Resource Mapper.





See examples of what you can do with the Community Resource Mapper:

Coming Soon!


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