The Center for Environmental Research and Conservation (CERC) builds environmental leadership and emphasizes the essential role of the natural world in sustainable development. Through the synthesis of research, applied research and education and training, CERC aims to protect biological diversity and cultivate leadership to address the ecological challenges of the 21st century.

CERC is a consortium of five world renowned scientific institutions based in New York City: Columbia University, the American Museum of Natural History, the New York Botanical Garden, the Wildlife Conservation Society and EcoHealth Alliance (formerly known as Wildlife Trust).  Each member of the consortium contributes to developing environmental leadership through a variety of education and research programs.  Collectively, this work is conducted in over 60 countries.

CERC is headquartered at the Earth Institute, Columbia University.  This strategic location facilitates multidisciplinary work within the university and with external collaborators.

CERC is also responsive to the non-science community, providing training and education through the application of understandable, robust conservation science.



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Upcoming CERC Courses

Executive Education Certificate in
Conservation and Environmental Sustainability

Spring 2012 Courses:

-    Ecosystem Services for Conservation and Poverty Reduction (begins Jan. 18)
-    Water and Sustainability (Jan. 19)
-    Introduction to Environmental Policy (Jan. 20)
-    Disease Ecology (Feb. 27)
-    Environmental Markets: The Nexus of Business, Regulation, and Sustainability (Feb. 28)
-    Business Models: Strategies from Ecology and Evolution (Mar. 7)
-    Coral Reef Ecology: Bermuda (Spring Break: Mar. 14 - 18)
-    Evolution: Darwin to DNA (Apr. 10)
-    Sustainability and Investing (Apr. 11)
-    Hydraulic Fracturing: Energy, Environment, and Policy (Apr. 16)
-    Forest Management and Conservation (May 10)

Courses may be taken on an individual basis or toward the completion of the full 12-course CERC Certificate in Conservation and Environmental Sustainability.  Contact cerc@columbia.edu for more information or to register.

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CERC Videos

CERC Ecosystem Symposium: Sustaining Life, Securing Our Future - March 1, 2011

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