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Pike Place Market

Sustainability is the capacity to endure into the future. In many ways our future is linked to the health of the natural environment for clean air and water, food supply, natural resources, economic security, and quality of life. There is a growing recognition that providing for human needs in the long term requires consideration of the natural environment.

Nowhere is this concern more prominent than in addressing the interaction between surface transportation systems and ecosystems. The ICOET 2011 theme, "Sustainability in Motion," focuses this year’s conference on moving us toward transportation solutions that protect natural ecosystems while supporting our economy and communities.

The mission of the International Conference on Ecology and Transportation is to identify and share quality research applications and best management practices that address wildlife, habitat, and ecosystem issues related to the delivery of surface transportation systems.

ICOET is the primary forum for an international gathering of the foremost experts in the field of transportation development, related scientific study, and administrative processes that can enhance both the project development process and the ecological sustainability of transportation systems.

Conference Facility

Westin Seattle

Located in downtown Seattle's cultural center, The Westin Seattle provides outstanding meeting facilities and comfortable accommodations to host ICOET 2011. The hotel's cylindrical towers, a signature landmark in the city skyline, feature panoramic views of the Puget Sound, Space Needle, Cascade Mountains, and Seattle's cityscape.

The Westin Seattle offers over 800 smoke-free guestrooms and is a convenient walking distance to Seattle's shopping district, historic Pike Place Market, and many other attractions.

Photos on this website courtesy of Seattle’s Convention and Visitors Bureau, The Westin Seattle Hotel, and Washington State Department of Transportation.