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State of the Birds Report

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Public Lands and Waters

report-option_web.jpgThis year’s report provides the nation’s first assessment of the distribution of birds on public lands and helps public agencies identify which species have significant potential for conservation in each habitat. The state of our birds is a measurable indicator of how well we are doing as stewards of our environment. The signal is clear. Greater conservation efforts on public lands and waters are needed to realize the vision of a nation sustained economically and spiritually by abundant natural resources and spectacular wildlife.


      2010 State of the Birds Report

      2009 State of the Birds Report



Banner images (L-R): Louisiana sunset by Gerrit Vyn; Hooded Merganser by Gerrit Vyn; Rocky Mountain National Park by Greg Lavaty; Dunlin by Gerrit Vyn; Audubon's Oriole by Gerrit Vyn