Observations 113,500,136
Locations 1,029,264
Taxa 11,702
Partners 51
The goal of the AKN is to understand the patterns and dynamics of bird populations across the Western Hemisphere.

eBird Reference Dataset (3.0) released!

Our third version of the eBird Reference Dataset (ERD) is now released and available for free download by any scientist, conservationist, or other party interested in working with eBird data in relation to spatial variables. Drawing on the ever-growing eBird database, the ERD links locations from eBird checklists to remotely-sensed data on landscape variables, human population, climate, and other information to site-specific checklists on bird occurrence. Now including checklists from 2010, the ERD 3.0 dataset has grown to some 41.7 million records, up from 26.8 million in ERD 2.0. Read on »

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eBird Reference Dataset (2.0) released!

The eBird Reference Dataset

AKN Featured Application: CADC's - Modeling Bird Distribution Responses to Climate Change

AKN Histogram tool released!