Photo of Delmarva Fox Squirrel resting on tree by Lisa Paglione
Photo by Lisa Paglione, USFWS

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"Species Decline: Contaminants as a Contributing Factor"
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The Fish and Wildlife Service has listed members of more than 1,200 taxa as Threatened or Endangered, and has identified about 4,000 additional organisms which may require listing or further study. The most critical step of this process is the identification of the limiting factors contributing to the decline of the species. This, in turn, yields a list of management actions, information needs, and research needs necessary to recognize and ameliorate the limiting factors precipitating the decline. A searchable database has been iteratively designed to summarize nomenclature, phylogeny, geographic location, life history, population size and status, stressors and sources of stressors (with special emphasis on contaminants and pollution) presumed to have caused the decline, proposed recovery tasks, and research needs. You can find more background information by accessing the key and documentation about the fields in this database.

Enter text you would like to search for in any combination in the following fields. For example, to search for turtles, specify "turtle" or "Turtle" in the Common Name box and then press the Search button at the bottom of the page. This would find the common names that include the word "turtle". And/or you could provide a genus and species name to narrow down your search. You can also enter parts of words, such as rubri for the species--this is the first part of the species name rubriventris. Complete your selections from the fields below and then press search. This search will provide output that meets all of the criteria you have specified. If you have specifed too many criteria, you may not see any output that meets your request.

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Shenandoah Salamander
(Plethodon shenandoah)

Photo of Shenandoah Salamander by Lester Via


Karner Blue Butterfly
(Lycaeides Melissa Samuelis)

Photo of Karner Blue Butterfly by Doug Morse
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Arkansas River Shiner
(Notropis girardi)
Photo by Ken Collins, USFWS

Arkansas River Shiner, Photo by Ken Collins, USFWS


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